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How templates work

What is Corjl?

Corjl, which is an online web application that allows you to edit your template directly from your web browser or mobile instantly after purchasing.

No need to download any software, fonts, or wait for proofs.

How it works:


1. Purchase

Try the demo template before purchasing, to do that just
Click on the link “try the demo now” that is located on the description of the listing,  to see just how easy it is to customize your template, and to know if you feel comfortable with it:

2. Edit

After buying, look for an email from Corjl (sent to the email address that you use to make the purchase).

Follow the link in this email to access your editable template.

Continue Saving your template as you make changes


3. Download

When you’re ready to print, download the PDF or JPG


4. Print

I recommend you to print these files on white or light paper for best results.

The colors may vary slightly, due to how monitors and printers read colors differently and even the paper that you will use.

You can print as many as you can how awesome this is!

It can be printed at home or with professional printers.


5. Party

You can party now.

Try it now