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About Us

Hi, I am Ivânia, from Porto, a beautiful city in the North of Portugal and I am the woman behind Autumn Breeze. I am a Designer by degree and creative by heart. I love to paint and draw since I remember, so one day, I decided to start selling, my paintings as clipart sets on Etsy, Creative Market   to see what happens. Some time later I also joined Creative Fabrica. At the same time, I had my full-time job as a designer, but I didn’t feel fulfilled by it. My dream was to have the freedom of having my own business.

So the adventure began 

One day I decided to make Autumn Breeze my full-time job. I started with only watercolor clipart, but soon I had the need to make more things with it. So I took my illustrations and began to create party printables, mostly for kids’ birthday parties and baby showers. It is always grateful when a person chooses my work for such an important day of their life (Thank you). 

As the business grew, I decided to create my own website with my hands… what a crazy idea,  but luckily it turned out in the best way.

Then, Zazzle, a POD, entered the equation! The perfect place for me to sell my printed products.

As I’m always having new ideas, I don’t think I’ll stop here.

I am also on social media platforms like Pinterest, that is really my favorite one, and  Instagram.

If you have some doubts or you just want to say Hi don’t hesitate to contact me Say Hi

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You can also find me at