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an happy Bee

About me

Hi, I am Ivânia, I’m from Porto, a beautiful city in the North of Portugal and I am the woman behind Autumn Breeze. I am a Designer by degree and creative by heart. I love to paint and draw since I remember, so one day, I decided to start to sell, my paintings as clipart sets to see what happens. At the same time, I had my full-time job as a designer, but I didn’t feel fulfilled by it. My dream was to have the freedom of having my own business.

The destiny made me quit my full-time job and I took the opportunity to launch myself into my own business.

So the adventure began.

I dedicated myself full time to Autumn Breeze, and I had to learn (and still learn) a ton of new stuff, things I had no idea that I have to know before having a small business. I started with only watercolor clipart, but soon I had the need to make more with it. So I took my illustrations **all illustrations used in my works are created by me** and started to create party printables! I love to make printables for kids’ birthday parties and baby showers. I always feel so gratefull when a person chooses my work for such an important day of their life(Thank you).

 During this process, another business has emerged  Autumn Forest which is a different product (I invite you to visit). 

Why Autumn? Simply because I think is a beautiful season that brings me beautiful childhood memories.

photo of the author

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